Monday, June 27, 2011

T.D. and the Tater is here!

My new book is out! It's called T.D. and the Tater, and Other News from Augusta County.

T.D. and the Tater is a collection of short stories about the misadventures of T.D. Duff, the only reporter at the only newspaper in the postage-stamp town of Wakefield.

When he inherits the newspaper from his editor, he has to deal with the eccentric residents of Augusta County all by himself. There's Clarence (with one syllable), proud owner of a potato that looks like Tom Selleck; Nosh Jones, who is locked in mortal combat with rival snakehunter Roger Shepherd for the title of Most Famousest Snake Hunter in Augusta County; and Kyle Pelphrey, one of T.D.'s best friends and a game warden who encounters the meanest possum ever.

You can buy it at The Kindle edition is coming soon!