Thursday, December 28, 2006

Does your salmon smell funny this year?

University of Washington scientists have some shocking news: Levels of cinnamon and vanilla spiked in Puget Sound during the holiday season. Researchers measured the levels of spices in sewage being pumped into the sound to determine whether these dangerous chemicals are making their way into the pristine waters of Washington state. Their conclusion? The levels of cinnamon, artificial vanilla and natural vanilla rose between Nov. 14 and Dec. 9, spiking just after Thanksgiving. Now the researchers are worried that fish can smell the difference.

I'm not making this up.

People pay thousands of dollars each year for candles scented with cinnamon and vanilla, but researchers are worried because the levels of those same spices are going up in Puget Sound. Let's see, what are the greatest threats to water quality? Oil spills, artificial hormones from human medications, garbage dumped from ships, agricultural runoff, or spiced cider?

Someone paid for this study, folks.

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