Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trump to Miss USA: You're (not) fired!

I know, you're wondering why this blog has an entry about Miss USA. Tara Conners is from Kentucky, and therefore it's of interest to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have even watched the news conference.

The summary is this: Miss USA Tara Conners was facing allegations to underage drinking, drug use and "sexual escapades." Everyone seemed to expect The Donald, owner of the pageant, to call her into his office and issue his now famous buzz words: "You're fired!"

Surprise, surprise, Trump called her into his office and gave her a second chance. Now there's all this talk about alcoholism, rehab, being "caught up in the whirlwind," etc. CNN newspeople are poo-pooing her "bright lights, big city defense," and brushing off her statement that she is not an alcoholic and saying she is "would be pushing the envelope."

Here's a newsflash: She just turned 21. She's essentially a college student. Alcoholism? Give the girl a break.

She just moved from Russell Springs, Kentucky -- population 2,399, with prohibition in full force -- to New York City. She's gone from being an unknown small-town girl to a glamorous job and an apartment in Trump Tower. She's not out of control; she's human.

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